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Up and Coming Artist IZAIYA

IZAIYA is an up-and-coming R&B sensation hailing from Vancouver, Canada, whose soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics are sure to capture the attention of music lovers. With his smooth melodies and captivating performances, IZAIYA brings a fresh yet classic sound to the R&B scene. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and emotions, allowing listeners to connect on a profound level. As he continues to hone his craft and carve out his place in the industry, IZAIYA is poised to make a significant impact with his undeniable talent and passion for music. 

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Photographer Trey Denzyl

Trey Denzyl is an emerging artist and photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Trey is best known for his dynamic storytelling – inspired by his upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, and other multicultural environments .

Trey’s photography is focused on being able to intrigue his audience using emotion, captivating colours and compositions.

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 Dance Sensation Jamal Ali

 Jamal Ali, a gifted dancer based in Vancouver, who embodies creativity and grace through his mesmerizing performances. Jamal captivates audiences with his fluid movements and expressive storytelling. His passion for dance shines through in every movement, as he seamlessly merges technique with emotion, leaving a lasting impression on spectators. 

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Singer/Songwriter Isrrael

Isrrael, the gifted singer-songwriter, emanates raw emotion and soulfulness in every note he sings. Isrrael's introspective sound reflect his personal journey and experiences, inviting listeners into his world with warmth and authenticity.

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Nardwuar the Human Serviette

Nardwuar the Human Serviette gets his own star on B.C.'s Walk of Fame | CBC  Radio

John Ruskin, better known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette, or simply Nardwuar, is a Canadian interviewer and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia.