Vintage Fashion And Creating Change Through Fashion | Vancouver's Only BIPOC-Owned Vintage Store In A Shopping Mall

Vintage Fashion And Creating Change Through Fashion | Vancouver's Only BIPOC-Owned Vintage Store In A Shopping Mall


Vintage Family Business - Brothers

Who We Are

Stoxx vintage is more than just a storefront, online shop, and vintage store to us… it is a platform to facilitate change in the world of fast fashion and structures of business. We are a BIPOC-owned business which happens to be the only Vancouver vintage store in a shopping mall. You can find us online, at Kingsgate Mall, 370 E Broadway or right here online. It is our goal to be accessible and create change. Not only do we support sustainable fashion but we support access. For customers in our community, we offer an in-store pick up which creates an intimate relationship. Every piece and purchase is handled with care and appreciation. It is our goal to “Highlight, Empower and Encourage Our Community.” Whether it is through fashion or advocacy, your fashion becomes your voice.

Aiden Stoxx - Young Entrepreneur Vintage Fashion

The Shopping Mall

The shopping mall is a historic structure of fast fashion. One where people can fulfill their days with a toxic consumer cycle and convenience. Fast fashion became common because of cheaper, speedier manufacturing and shipping methods, and an increase in consumers' appetite for up-to-the-minute styles. We wanted to alleviate this problem and enter a space where we can literally create change, one purchase at a time. By setting up a physical store in a predominately franchised space and decreasing the desire for trendy and affordable clothing, the availability of low-cost labor overseas, quick manufacturing and communication innovations cause fast fashion. If you've bought clothes recently, you've probably supported the growth of fast fashion retailers. We want to help you create a more impactful fingerprint. By doing so you can help the environment in many ways by manufacturing clothes made of organic fabrics, using fewer chemicals, recycling fibres to make new pieces, reducing greenhouse gases by cutting short the production of petroleum-based apparel, and decreasing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

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“It's a treasure trove of vintage clothing just waiting to be discovered. Nestled in East Vancouver's Kingsgate Mall is Stoxx Vintage, a family-run store specializing in all things old school.” - Vancouver Is Awesome

We get our items from anywhere and everywhere, auctions, close-outs, you name it. We have been doing retail for over 25 years; So if it’s out there, we will find it. Whether it is the process or how your clothing has been retrieved, you know that Stoxx delivers a family vibe. With a diverse and inclusive outlook on fashion and ownership. By supporting more BIPOC-owned businesses, you can help create more opportunities for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building, and generational wealth for BIPOC communities. Anyone visiting our store will feel welcomed and nurtured. We know many of our customers by name and the excitement around a new face never disappears. If you take a look at our social media, you will notice a fan favourite, Aiden Stoxx, one of the younger and more passionate voices of this movement. Slow fashion is something we want to become generational. As we move away from conspicuous consumption, we move towards pieces with culture and story. One’s that not only we, but our siblings, and children can wear. Just like our clothes and accessories, Stoxx vintage has a story.

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At Stoxx, we emphasize community. Which is why we started “STOXXIFIED COMMUNITY.” In pursuit of amplifying talent, initiatives and voices. “Stoxxified Community features Local Artists, Young Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders. Our mission is to Highlight, Empower and Encourage Our Community.”

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Sustainable Fashions is now available at your local mall ♻️

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⭐️Woodgrove Centre in Nanaimo

⭐️Kingsgate Mall in Vancouver

⭐️Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby Your

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