Wholesale / Franchise Information



Join the fastest growing industry in retail. Sustainable fashion earns billions    worldwide, become part of the solution while earning a fortune. 

Services we offer: 

  1. Thrift & Vintage Retail Store Setup
  2. Wholesale Bales & Containers 
  3. International Shipping 
  4. One stop trade service 
  5. connect buyers to quality inventory 
  6. step by step curation of vintage clothing 
  7. How to start your business guide 

We are bulk suppliers of used goods from North America, with 4 retail locations and a large distribution warehouse in Canada. We are your guide to starting your sustainable fashion entrepreneurial journey. 

For consultation, fill out this google form. Once the questionnaire is submitted, you will receive a 1 on 1 consultation to answer all your questions. This is a one time purchase.